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TTA & TTA +™

Hair Therapy : TRIPLE TRICHO AID Therapy™

The newest and the latest advancement in hair care therapy, the “TRIPLE TRICHO AID™” therapy or simply “TTA” is a novel and most comprehensive anti hair loss therapy present today. Hair loss sometimes poses challenges that are beyond the scope of surgical restoration, (especially in women). TTA has been designed taking note of such challenges and is an effective substitute for such candidates.


Triple Tricho Aid therapy™ combines the powerful hair root stimulating effects of mesotherapy, with the recently introduced and very effective low level laser therapy and US FDA approved anti hair loss medications. TTA brings about a synergistic outcome of the 3 most effective anti hair loss measures, that helps you preserve your existing hair, stimulate new hair growth and promote stronger and healthier hair.

  • MESOTHERAPY: The process of Mesotherapy consists of infusing, by way of special delivery systems, a cocktail of growth factors, DHT Blockers and essential vitamins into the scalp, where hair follicles or roots are situated. This fights hair loss and improves the health of your existing hair. Know more about MESOTHERAPY
  • Laser Therapy: Low level laser therapy is a proven and safe form of light treatment used in the treatment of genetic hair loss or pattern balding in men and women. Know more about LOW LEVEL LASERTHERAPY
  • Anti Hair Loss Medications: MediGrafts promotes the use of US FDA allopathy medications only. These proven anti hair loss medications help to get the best outcome of other associated hair loss therapies like, mesotherapy, PRP, Laser etc.

TTA +™

TTA+™ is nothing but TTA™, combined with the potent hair follicle stimulating properties of the growth factors, present in the PRP fluid. Not all candidates require TTA+. TTA is usually enough for most of people suffering from hair loss. Know more about PRP.

To find out if TTA or TTA+™ is better for you, kindly meet our physician and have a free one on one consultation regarding your hair loss problem.