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Hair Transplant : OPTI - GRAFT FUE

MediGRAFTS Studio™ renowned Opti-Graft FUE™ technique is the most minimally invasive and the one of the most result oriented technique of FUE hair transplant present today. Through many years of experience and insight, Opti-Graft FUE™ has been improvised by the most experienced of doctors at MediGRAFTS Studio™, by keeping into consideration optimal survival of grafts, thus ensuring the best of results. Result of any hair transplant procedure is primarily dependant on 2 factors:

1) The Technique of Hair Transplant

The procedure comprises of removing one’s own hair/follicular units/grafts from the sides and back of the head (Donor Area), a process called as “Extraction” and placing them on the bald areas on the front and top of the head (Recipient Area), a process called as “Implantation”. The entire process is performed under a cocktail of local anesthetics, used in diluted form, making the procedure a very safe and comfortable one. Soon after extraction, the grafts are placed into a nutrient enriched medium at optimal temperature. Opti-Graft FUE™ does not promote or undertake splitting of the extracted grafts before their implantation, thus ensuring minimal handling of the delicate grafts. Without taking any more time, these grafts are then implanted back into the scalp wherever required. Quick implantation back into the scalp minimizes the effects of environmental exposure on the grafts. Opti-Graft FUE™ adopts a novel methodology of graft implantation which does not require prior preparation of the recipient area by way of making small incisions on the scalp. This ensures minimal invasiveness during implantation, thereby leading to better grip of skin over the graft and better acceptance of the graft by the body, right from Day 1 of your hair transplant procedure. All these factors enable Opti-Graft™ to deliver much better results when compared with conventional FUE procedures.

Salient features of Opti - Graft™:
  • Optimal Survival Of Grafts due to:
  • No splitting of grafts after extraction
  • Storage of grafts in nutrient enriched medium before implantation
  • Quick transfer of extracted grafts back into the scalp, minimizing the effects of environmental exposure on the grafts
  • Minimal handling of the delicate grafts avoids graft damage
  • No prior incisions on the recipient site ensures better grip of skin over graft right from day 1 & quicker acceptance of graft by the body
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • No residual stitches and linear scars after the procedure
  • Minimal pain due to comfortable anesthesia
  • Quick recovery time

2) The Experience of the Hair Transplant Doctor

A good Hair Transplant Doctor will give you good results but an experienced Hair Transplant doctor will give you natural results. And YES , Natural is BETTER THAN GOOD!

There are many factors that come into consideration when a graft is being implanted into the scalp. The angle of the long axis of graft to the skin constantly changes from being very acute to progressively perpendicular as we move from the hairline towards the crown. The direction of the grafts also changes as we move from left side to the right side of the scalp. A graft will contain anywhere from 1 to 4 hair. Naturally, the front of our hairline viz. the Transition zone contains grafts harboring only 1 hair. The transition zone is followed behind by a more defined zone of hairline which contains grafts having 1 or 2 hair only. The rest of the scalp behind will have a mixture of grafts with 1,2,3 and 4 hair. An experienced doctor will take all of the above points and many more into consideration while performing the transplant. This ensures a result which is not only good, but also natural. At MediGRAFTS Studio™, we do not believe in delivering just good results, but natural results!