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Hair Replacement Therapy


Hair Replacement System is another way of restoring your bald look if Hair Transplant does not seem your preferred choice or is not suitable for you due to any medical reason. Hair Replacement systems are completely non surgical and artificial hair systems that provide you instant make over result after it’s installation. The foundation or the part of the hair replacement system covering the bald area is called as the base of the hair system. At MediGRAFTS Studio™, the base used to prepare the Hair System is made out of the finest ultra fine, non – reflective Swiss lace only; which allows the scalp beneath the Hair System to breathe. This makes our hair system different from conventional wigs, toupees, fish nets etc. Hair Lace Systems are the highest quality hair replacement system present today which is evident by the fact that all celebrities use Hair Systems with a Lace base system only!

Breathable Base

As mentioned above, base of a Lace System is made up of ultra fine, non – reflective Swiss lace which allows the scalp beneath the Hair System to breathe. This makes the Lace very comfortable to wear. As the base is very permeable to liquds, anything that you apply to your hair is delivered until your scalp. Conversely, anything that the scalp secrets, like the sweat, also passes through the Lace base system to come out and wet the hair. This prevents accumulation of sweat below the base which can lead to bad odor, itching and extreme discomfort. Also, the Lace Base of the hair system is comparatively much lighter than other hair systems. All these factors make the Lace Systems very comfortable to wear without any side effects.

Natural Look

There 3 most important points that make a Hair Lace System look completely natural are; Use of actual Human Hair (and not synthetic fibers), almost transparent color of the Lace Base and Undetectable Hairline. Use of human hair keeps the hair looking lustrous and not synthetic. As the base of the Lace is almost transparent, the hair coming out from the base appears as if it is coming out of the skin

Undetectable Hairline

The Human Hair are knotted individually in each pore of the net in the lace system. These knots are bleached so that their color changes from black to almost transparent color. This, along with the transparency of the Lace net, make the hairline look extremely natural, even if someone wants to have a close look!

Advantages of Hair Replacement System:

  • Instant results
  • Low cost when compared to transplant
  • Completely Safe and Non Surgical
  • No need of having any pre procedure blood or other investigations done
  • Zero Recovery Time: Can resume routine activities immediately after the procedure
  • Can completely restore even severe grades/cases of baldness with high density hair