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Hair Transplant : Opti - Graft + FUE™

Opti-Graft + FUE™ harbors the same salient features as the conventional Opti-Graft FUE™, but with additional benefits of PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma (See more on PRP under Hair therapies). The potential for using PRP is to promote healing and hair growth after hair transplantation and it is centered in three functional applications:

  • To preserve & enhance graft viability during and after hair transplantation
  • To promote & enhance tissue repair & healing after hair transplantation
  • To reinvigorate dormant hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth.

To Preserve and Enhance Graft Viability

Transition time, is the time interval wherein the grafts are present outside the body. Between the time that grafts are removed from a donor area of the scalp and transplanted into a recipient area, they are subject to damage from several causes:

  • Dehydration if the donor grafts are inadequately moistened between the times of removal and transplantation;
  • Oxygen and nutrient starvation due to being removed from blood supply during the harvest-to-transplantation time period;
  • Temperature and acid/alkaline changes in the environment;
  • Revascularization injury when the donor grafts are transplanted to the recipient site & must re-adapt to having a blood supply.

Opti-Graft+™ introduces a novel approach of maintaining graft viability during the transition time by bathing the extracted donor grafts in a storage solution containing PRP fluid that provides a protective environment of appropriate temperature, chemical balance & nutrient supply. Addition of PRP to the storage solution improves graft viability during and after transplantation, enhances post-transplantation tissue healing and promotes hair growth of transplanted grafts.

To Promote and Enhance Tissue Repair and Healing

The rationale for using PRP in our hair transplantation procedure is to use the full array of platelet-associated growth factors to promote healing and minimize scar formation, as well as to promote maximum hair growth in transplanted follicles.

To Reinvigorate Dormant Hair Follicles

Platelet growth factors present in PRP fluid can “wake up” dormant hair follicles (roots) and begin the production of new hair. Even though such hair would add to the result of the transplanted hair, a single session of PRP is inadequate to see such a response. Reinvigoration of dormant hair follicles will require multiple sessions of PRP. (See PRP section)