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Facial hair is a symbol of virility and wisdom (not to mention a wonderful enhancement to a male body). Growing and maintaining long beards has been a matter of pride for many men since the start of time! Especially in the recent 5 years or so, more and more men have adopted the good old fashioned macho look that wears a BEARD! Nobody can have failed to notice in the current era the ubiquity of facial hair. Keep your eyes open as you walk down your local high street and you will probably notice a variety of styles, with the ‘Amish’ style seemingly especially popular. Such is the fascination of keeping a beard in today’s youth that it takes an agonizing toll on them mentally, if they cannot grow beard, due to any reason. So what are the reasons of absence of Beard? Most common and most important of them all is genetic, which is caused due to resistance of facial hair roots to the hormone, testosterone. Some people develop beard but may later have hair loss from the beard. This can be due to various causes like hormonal changes, autoimmune conditions, certain infections etc.

Regardless of the cause, if the absence of beard or moustache hair is permanent, then we have a permanent solution to it… BEARD TRANSPLANTATION! In this procedure, we remove hair from the back of your head (just like regular hair transplant procedure) and implant them in to the affected areas of your beard and moustache with the OptiGraft technique. The transplanted hair start to grow in a matter of 2 weeks, but the final result is obtained in about 10 months. Once result is obtained, these new facial hair will continue to grow throughout life (provided the root cause of beard hair loss is treated as well).

With great advancement in the field of beard transplantation, many male celebrities have turned to it for enhancement of looks. At MediGRAFTS Studio™, we believe that no male should be devoid of the pleasure of growing and maintaining a beard.