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MediGrafts Assurance

MediGrafts Assurance

Hair transplantation patients may respond differently to treatment and results may vary from person to person. In medical or surgical procedures, there is no such thing as guarantee or warranty! With vast number of clinics out there today, who are wrongly using such claims as tools of marketing, it is very easy for a non medico to get attracted and fall prey to such offers.

At MediGRAFTS for all hair transplantation procedures that we perform, we assure to replace any non-growing hair transplant graft free-of-charge, provided the patient meets the following terms and conditions. Nevertheless, such replacements are very rare.

A minimum of 1 year or 12 months has passed since your hair transplant procedure at MediGRAFTS Studio

You have complied with all the post procedure care instructions and you have complied to all the post procedure follow up dates.

Following your procedure at MediGRAFTS, you have not had any medical therapy taken for your hair or you have not had another surgical or non surgical hair restoration procedure performed by any clinic/doctor other than MediGrafts Studio.

You have not been taking any medical treatment for any other condition ( Pre-Existing, Undisclosed or newly appearing) that can interfere and adversely affect the growth of transplanted hair

The replacement procedure has not been deemed inappropriate by a Doctor from MediGRAFTS due to medical reasons such as, but not limited to, lack of adequate donor area, appearance of new medical condition, failure to disclose relevant past medical history, etc.

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